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Rapid Connect Program

Rapid Connect is a platform where we connect and engage with women and other employee groups; providing personalised support for employees while helping organisations become employers of choice. Our evidence-based approach has three key features:

  • A workplace culture audit that creates a baseline and the context for our employee experience conversations. (Learn more) Only employers see the results of the cultural audit.
  • Ongoing confidential employee experience conversations and support (Learn more)
  • Regular reporting and advice back to the organisation’s senior leadership (Learn more) so that they can make timely impactful change.

Our approach facilitates greater engagement and commitment, and reduces feelings of isolation – reported as a key reason women feel pushed from a male-dominated organisation.

Our program is aimed at assisting to create workplaces that set employees and organisations up to thrive; with the right insights, policies, and practices.

Find out more about how the Rapid Connect program works: